Saturday 28th January 2017: Ferry Tales Travels


Portsmouth to Fishbourne Ferry Trip

If you’d like a chance to get together for a ferry trip with Maggie and some of her Portsmouth workshop participants, you are welcome to join them on the 1pm ferry from Portsmouth to Fishbourne on the Isle of Wight on Saturday 28th January 2017.

Please book a ticket individually with Wightlink as this is not an official Ferry Tales event but an informal gathering of Ferry Tale friends.

Maggie will offer some suggestions for writing that you can try out on the boat – the crossing takes 45 minutes. Once ashore, you might like to join others for the short walk to nearby Quarr Abbey with its inspiring grounds, art gallery, bookshop, visitor centre and teashop (open until 4pm). Maggie will come back on the 5pm crossing but there is also one at 4pm if you prefer an earlier return.

At the moment, Robyn Bolam and Dom Prag are also hoping to be there.


One thought on “Saturday 28th January 2017: Ferry Tales Travels

  1. I wrote a poem about Quarr Abbey a couple of years ago. It’s an interesting place to visit with a nice tea shop, and lots of large pigs!


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