Diving into the Wreck: Promotional Video

big lottery hi_big_e_lrg_blue-2Diving into the Wreck

Tongues & Grooves in the Community

Directed by Mark C. Hewitt
Initial concept and text development by Maggie Sawkins
Diving into the Wreck Promotional Video by Matt Parsons


A socially engaged project developed with the recovery community in Portsmouth. Written and performed by former addicts with directorial support from Mark C. Hewitt and poet Maggie Sawkins, the production evokes the secret world of serious addiction; its craziness, nastiness, predictable routines and dark humour. Combining video interviews, recorded voices and live performance, the work is a sort of cautionary tale that can be presented at conferences, mental health / well being festivals and for older school students. The work was first performed as part of Hampshire Festival of the Mind at The Square Tower, Portsmouth, on Sunday 15 May 2016.

Live performances are by Kieran Judge, Daniel Scrivener, Jane Muir and Patrick Seery with additional contributions on film and in voice recordings from Steven, Leigh Westmore, Elisha Westmore and Faith Rayner. The video sequences were shot and edited by Matt Parsons.

“A superb show, heart-breaking and warm-hearted at the same time.’
From the online review by William Sutton.

Read the full review here »

Read more about work by Mark C. Hewitt here »

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