Tony Turner

Tony Turner
Tony Turner

Tony Turner is widely published in poetry magazines and has six collections. His next collection, Travelling Hopefully, is expected from Bluechrome shortly. He has chaired the Metroland Poets (Amersham, Bucks) since 2001. He regularly attends poetry festivals, workshops and courses and enjoys giving readings, which he has done all over the south from Hitchin to Penzance. In 2007 he became a member of the newly reconstituted management team of South poetry magazine. His other interests include photography, theatre, music and cricket.


In a cottage close by a cool lagoon
Lives a pretty girl called April Noon
With her younger sisters, May and June,
And she’s loved by March, who’s a tall dragoon
With a waxed moustache and a smart platoon
Dressed in silver braids on a dark maroon.

But April wants to marry Augustus
A penniless poet who loves her just as
Much as she loves him. But March
Has money, March has charm and March
Comes after April, which is wrong.
Will she be dazzled by his bold élan?

Augustus won’t give up without a fight.
His rival’s tall and he is very slight
(His rival’s dim and he is very bright).
He draws himself right up to his full height
And on his toes he’s nimble and he’s light –
Whoever said that might is always right?

The fight’s soon over with Augustus hurt:
A bleeding nose, he’s lying in the dirt
But April’s furious, sends the proud March packing:
Has he no sense, his brainpower sadly lacking?
She bathes her lover’s wounds, he is her lord
March should have known what’s mightier than the sword.

On an August day in a balmy afternoon
When the band assembled – violin, flute, bassoon –
They soon struck up that most appropriate tune.
Then April wed her poet: they left in a balloon.
On Capri’s isle they’ll spend their honeymoon
And, not long after, March will follow June.

Tony Turner

First published in South 37

(April 2008)

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