Rob Richardson

Rob Richardson
Rob Richardson

Rob Richardson still with his own teeth: musical prostitute; Human Ministry For Wind: Saxes, flute, clarinet – 10 years hard labour with popular R and B band Something for the Weekend (TV work, celeb parties, huge at boat shows, Ladies nights for the Masons with a lovely spread). Toured and gigged extensively with international function band China Grove and the The Mix – work with Spike Edney of Queen – seasons with Razamataz (nice pies at the back of the pier). Completed a grand slam of all major London hotels (not even sandwiches), an embarrassing number of residencies via gullible musical landlords (drinks on the house) tons of recordings that disappeared into the ether apart from ‘New York Groove’ (a monster in Spain, I’m told) Member of Soul band for His-Tory, in amongst the lights and lasers of Perfect Alibi the Pink Floyd tribute for 5 years. Section work on The Seriously Young And Seriously Going Places ‘Tremain’ (Soul meets Smooth) Other half of Jacuzzi (budget jazz) a quarter of and bosser of Ooh Madam and so many weddings of so many people getting married to other people again and it’s all work and pays the bills but he, Rob Richardson, Minister For Wind, still with his own teeth, saxes, flute, clarinet, he still loves it so much he’s rehearsing a new venture: The English Quarter: vocals/gtr/saxes/bongos.

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