Nick Molyneux

Nick Molyneux
Nick Molyneux

Nick has been playing and performing for the past 20 years, on guitar, mandolin, and piano. He is known for his distinctive fingerpicking interpretations of folk and pop songs on acoustic guitar, and can often be heard playing in The Hanging Tree Band. More of Nick’s music, and scores to some of his tunes, can be found at

Nick has recently completed an album – “The Beautiful Suchness of Things” – which combines his music with the lyrics of poet George Marsh, and which is now available on CD. For more details, visit

Execution Song

Cut off the telephone, sever all connection, there will be no more return
Bare the needle, tie him down, lethal injection
That the sooner he may burn

Man on the moon shed a tear
And the earth heaved a sigh
The waiting done, the end is near
This is an eye for an eye
And eye for an eye

The executioner is steadfast in his duty, he is backed up by the law
This man is just another punk he has finish like the one the day before

Repeat Chorus

And all that he dreams of is one last try

In the final hour, he who wields the final power suddenly understands
“I’m a good man, but I’ll never enter heaven with this blood upon my hands”

Repeat Chorus

There’s a telephone a-ringing in the corridor as needle pierces skin
Hear a banging at the door, hear a knocking but nobody lets him in

Repeat Chorus

And all that he dreams of is one last try

People come and go, all is flux and river flow
And all things have to end
The judge’s hammer falls, the needle comes, the reaper calls – society to mend

Repeat Chorus

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