Krystyna Jankowska

Krystyna Jankowska
Krystyna Jankowska

Born in 1975 in Poznan, Poland, Krystyna’s early musical interest and creativity were developed with voice and flute followed by a Scout group band and her first album. She developed her classical singing voice in the Poznanski Choir, performing many concerts in Poland, Germany and Holland. She then formed a duet with piano, and guitar, gaining performance experience for solo voice.

Since 2007, she has been living in Southsea, England. She is a member of a singing workshop in Portsmouth, led by Janet Ayers, Natural Voice Practitioner.

Krystyna has performed several times at Tongues & Grooves with guitar and solo voice, including her own songs, to popular acclaim. “It is the best place for me to perform” she says.


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