Julian Stannard

Julian Stannard
Julian Stannard

Julian Stannard has a Ph.D from the University of East Anglia and before coming to the University of Winchester to lecture in Creative Writing, he taught at University Campus Suffolk and at the University of Genoa. Julian’s publications include Fleur Adcock in Context: From Movement to Martians (Edwin Mellen , 1997) and The Poetic Achievements of Donald Davie and Charles Tomlinson: Expanding Vision, Voice and Rhythm  in Late Twentieth-Century English Poetry (Edwin Mellen, 2010. He  is the author of three volumes of poetry: Rina’s War (Peterloo Poets , 2001) and The Red Zones (Peterloo Poets, 2007); and The Parrots of Villa Gruber Discover Lapis Lazuli (Salmon Poetry – Ireland).

His work was represented in the Faber introductory anthology First Pressings and the Oxford Poets/Carcanet Anthology (2004) and he reviews for the Guardian and the PN Review. He was awarded the Troubadour Poetry prize in 2010.

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