Gregg Buchanan

Gregg Buchanan
Gregg Buchanan

Singer/songwriter Gregg Buchanan hails from Derry in Northern Ireland. Although home is now Australia, he spent a few years in Portsmouth where he met up with Maggie and Ed, and all the poets and musicians at Tongues & Grooves. This song is a remembrance of youth and first love.


On the road where you live, winding down from the hill,
blacktop lifeline of sin, lined with hedges of whinn.
Running down to the town, pulped up leaves on the ground,
serves its purpose well, keeps me under its spell.
Black cracks on the pavement mapping out our destiny,
halos round the lamppost where we stand for all to see,
staring faces through the curtains taking in the backlit scene,
as we act like two people coming clean,
on the road where you live,
on the road where you, can’t take more than you give,
I remember that thrill of the night drawing in.
Sucked us into its core, left us crying for more,
never once did it fail to pull me back there again.
Rusted gates that open, swinging gently to the touch,
paths that lead to houses that disintegrate in dust,
it’s a life that leads to somewhere and follow we must,
as we act like two people sharing trust,
on the road where you live.

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