Bernadette Cremin

Bernadette Cremin
Bernadette Cremin

Bernadette Cremin is an award-winning poet and performer. She has published three collections of poetry: Perfect Mess (2006), Speechless (2007) and Miming Silence (2009) with a themed pamphlet published by Pighog Press (2012) and a ‘new & selected poems’ from Irish publishers, Salmon Poetry, in 2013. Her work is collected in the Metropolitan University of London’s archive of Irish and Anglo-Irish Literature. In 2005 she was winner of the Biscuit Publishing International Poetry Competition. She has also released three CDs combining poetry and music. She has performed frequently at venues in Britain and Ireland, including major festivals such as Glastonbury, The Big Green, Replay Festival and Limerick International Poetry Festival. In 2000 she was winner of the South East Performance Poetry Bursary and in 2010 – for a scratch performance of Altered Egos – was runner up in The Latest awards for Best Literature Performance at the Brighton Fringe Festival. In 2011 she was recipient of a New Voices award from DAO (Disability Arts Online) and was poet-in-residence on Brighton’s Radio Reverb.

Her one-woman live literature show, Altered Egos, was premiered to excellent reviews at the New Venture Theatre, Brighton, in March 2012, and on tour in 2013.

“A deft way with metaphor and allusion that belies the heft of meaning beneath the illuminating imagery. Cremin touches on the terrors of being young, madness, bereavement squeezing into one poem the crispness and subtlety that others achieve in an entire collection.”

Sara-Mae Tuscon, The London Magazine/Trespass

“In this engaging collection Cremin rekindles memories of teenage parties and erotic longing coupled with the harsh realities that follow. The language used is refreshingly direct and uncluttered. This is poetry that stares you in the eye. Brilliant.”

Les Robinson, Tall Lighthouse

“In Miming Silence Cremin provides another tour de force! An incredible mix of dark and light social comment and intimate contemplation.”

Brian Lister, Biscuit Publishing

“Cremin delves deep into the hinterlands of working class tumult painting pictures which for the reader are akin to finding silver down the back of the sofa! ”

Jan Goodey, Freelance Journalist

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